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By: Evolving Chiropractic  02-Feb-2014
Keywords: Back Pain, Sports Massage, Alternative Medicine

About: Evolving Chiropractic strives for optimal health and wellbeing for families. Educating and removing nerve interference is our passion & therefore our goal. Description What we do here at Evolving Chiropractic: Basically we treat the nervous system to remove nerve interference. Our nerves supply everything in our body from muscles and joints to all our organs. If there is nerve interference the messages from our brain to all of the body and back is interrupted and the body does not not how to respond to its environment in the correct way. This can lead to all sorts of problems. From pain (back, leg anywhere) to dysfunction of all our organs etc. This nerve interference comes from the different stressors in our life, whether it be physical stress (falls, accidents, poor posture), biochemical stress (diet, smoking, drugs/alcohol), and psychological/mental/emotional stress (work, relationships, finance etc). It is our bodies way of adapting and dealing with these stressors, but our bodies have a tolerance level. It is capable of only dealing with so much insult before we start to notice things like pain and dysfunction. Our aim is to remove this interference and maintain it below this threshold so we can all live life to our fullest.

Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Back Pain, Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy