status of development of China valve industry

By: Jeasin Valve Industry Co.,Ltd  10-Aug-2013
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After years of development, China's valve business volume ranks first in the world, various size of the valve more than 6000 enterprises. The valve industry is developing rapidly. Especially in the number and Wenzhou Longwan Yongqiang Wenzhou Yongjia Oubei valve enterprises accounted for half of the total country, very concentrated large scale. After 30 years of development, in the cluster mode unique to Wenzhou, the valve industry chain distribution of mature. Except the part of cast iron valves, including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other special steel material of various types of valves are more than 80% of the products from these two places, is China's largest production base of the valve and the largest export base of the valve. A fly in the ointment is, small and medium enterprises valve survival environment of Wenzhou, the government almost made no substantial adjunct to the small and medium-sized enterprise development, also does not have the publicity on the whole industry, although the integration of the whole industry is still in the valve, but only catch big regardless of small situation. The domestic terminal customers of Wenzhou valve products always exist inertial bias, although they may use of the products from Wenzhou, but the nameplate of the origin is not. The quality aspect, most of the enterprises in Wenzhou valve products Yuezuo Yue, but always can give other famous enterprises do OEM production. The financing difficulty, high cost of land, the profit is maximized compression in the fierce competition, bigger to the Wenzhou small and medium-sized valves enterprises, the difficulties, the road of the brand or a dream.

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