The Smile on a Students Face!

By: Peninsula Printmaker BillyLee  27-Apr-2011
Keywords: Australian Art, Art Prints, Printmaking Workshops

I wish I had a picture for you today of my students face after we picked up her first professionally framed print.

After her very first collagraph workshop I suggested she take her print to the framers. Of course, this is something she would never had dreamed of doing. But "why not" I thought. Framing a print is a valuable lesson in how to present your work,how to love and nuture what you do. Its a lesson I took years to learn. But if you value what you do, if you value what a good framer can do, and if you value your artistic self, then you should learn to sign and frame your prints.

After which I encouraged her to put her work into an art show. So tonight she filled out the form and is entering her first collagraph print in the Flinders Art Show.

When she picked up her print at the framers, we both gasped, it looked beautiful and then when we got outside I could see tears in her eyes. I felt wonderful that she was so happy. As a her printmaking teacher I felt proud of her success.

This is what she sent me in an email tonight. "  Hi Billy,Am so excited with the framing.  I feel like a real artist!!!!! 
Well, she is indeed a real artist. If she is making prints, and creating art, and loving what she does. Then indeed she is a real artist.
This is my lifes journey, teaching art. Why it took me so long to get here I really don't know, but I'm here now and its just great!

Keywords: Art Prints, Australian Art, Belinda Nye, Printmaker Teacher, Printmaking Workshops,

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