Multibody Dynamics Simulation (MBD)

Multibody Dynamics Simulation (MBD) from Bremar Automotion Australia Pty Ltd

By: Bremar Automotion Australia Pty Ltd  07-Mar-2011
Keywords: Consulting Engineers, Mechanical Engineering, 3d Modelling

Multi body dynamics (MBD) simulates complex mechanisms, calculating motion, as well as forces within the mechanism. These forces can then be fed into a finite element analysis as accurate input loading, rather than using assumed loads. 

Kinematic analysis can be performed on mechanisms involving slow moving parts where mass and inertia effects are negligable and is generally used to ensure the desired motion is achieved or to create clearance envelopes to package other components around. Dynamic analysis takes mass and inertia effects into account and can be used for high speed systems or those with damping effects.

MBD can be used for simple mechanisms, right through to complex systems such as automotive suspension or even full vehicle handling simulations. Non linear elements can be incorporated, as can gears, motors, flexible bodies and feedback control loops.

Keywords: 3d Modelling, Computer Aided Engineering, Consulting Engineers, Engineering & Design, Mechanical Engineering, Multibody Dynamics, Optimisation Tools, Simulation, Modelling & Analysis, Vehicle Dynamics,

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