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By: Procaffe Office Coffee Machines  01-Aug-2011
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Q. What is the difference between your Procaffe semi automatic & automatic coffee machine and other automatic office coffee machines from Saeco, Jura, WMF, HLF and Nespresso?

A. Procaffe provide both semi automatic and fully automatic coffee machines for all office environments, whether you are a 2 person office or have over 5000 employees. We give our customers choice whether they want easy to use convenient coffee pods or an automatic bean to cup solution with premium quality coffee beans. Our automatic coffee machines are designed for office coffee environments and provide an economic, clean and simple way to satisfy your coffee needs without the worry or fuss as they handle the whole process from installation to standard coffee orders that automatically show up in your kitchen.

Q. What is the difference between coffee pods and coffee capsules?
Capsules that are sold in the market place such as Nespresso and Lavazza Blue Pod use a closed system. This means the machine only takes the Nespresso or Lavazza Blue Pod capsule. Procaffe uses the E.S.E system which is an open system where you are able to get paper pods from alternative manufacturers, thus the consumer has more choice if so required. Nevertheless, our philosophy is to provide great quality coffee which is less damaging to the environment and gives our customer the freedom to choose. We believe our quality speaks for itself and people continue to purchase coffee pods from us because of our quality and service.

Q. What is the environmental difference between coffee pods and coffee capsules?

A. Procaffe coffee pods are of a higher quality and less damaging to the environment than the coffee capsules used by machines such as the Nespresso and Lavazza automatic coffee machines which contain fewer grams of coffee and environmentally unfriendly packaging.

Q. What is our point of difference compared to Nespresso, Saeco, WMF, JURA, HLF?

A. We provide a regular maintenance program that keeps your automatic coffee machine or your pod coffee machine working so all you have to do is enjoy the coffee. We do not use couriers to deliver coffee and we have our own fully trained in house technicians that service our automatic coffee machines and coffee pod machines.

Q. Why get coffee from us as opposed to your stationery companies such as Corporate Express or Fruit Suppliers such as Fruitbox and the like?

Procaffe are coffee experts. We have over 20 years industry experience and have the backing of international brands that have been roasting coffee and manufacturing coffee machines for a combined total of 200 years! As an organisation you can buy top coffee brand names such as Lavazza, Vittoria, Jaspers Fairtrade organic, Di Bella, Grinders and Genovese - which in their own right are good coffees - but if your automatic coffee machine is not set up correctly to the coffee you are purchasing you are not going to get the best coffee result in the cup!

Procaffe technicians set up our automatic coffee machines according to the blend so the extraction is at the required temperature and the grind settings are matched to the coffee blend in the machine.

Q. Should I worry, or do my research?

'Buyer beware' of online coffee companies! It is very important when buying an automatic coffee machine for your office environment to do your research.

With markets opening up all over the world many resellers have obtained access to well known brands such as De Longi,Krups, Jura ,Saeco, WMF, Caramali and Nouva Simonelli. With a website they a free to present themselves as they please. This no doubt has been great for the consumer for pricing. However, what are you buying? With automatic coffee machines in the office environment it is not just as simple as buying the automatic machine.

First thing to find out is: Where the company is located?
If they are in Perth and you are company in Sydney, how are they going to service you?
Does the company have in house technicians?
What is their service and maintenance philosophy ?
Is it preventative or is it reactive when the automatic coffee machine breaks down?
Do you come to our office or do I have to send the automatic coffee machine to you for repair?
Will you give me a replacement machine whilst my machine is being repaired?
What does it cost me to repair my machine if it is outside warranty?
All these questions are very important!

Procaffe is a Melbourne based company that has its own in house technicians with a strong philosophy of preventative maintenance for automatic coffee machines. As an office we offer a comprehensive repair program that makes you feel extremely pleased about the automatic coffee machine you have purchased for your office.

Q. Are you really getting your capsule machine for free?

That great saying "nothing in life is free" also applies to the coffee industry!
The offers of a free on loan coffee capsule pod machine is amortised in the coffee cost.
Payment upfront, courier delivery orders to be placed before 2.30pm, massive marketing campaigns. The money has to come from somewhere. Usually it is from you the customer.
Order your pods on line, minimum order requirements, etc etc!

Procaffe understands that for a minority of offices this suits them fine. However, we believe in having relationships with our customers and that extends from our delivery drivers, technicians, our client relationship mangers and friendly sales team. We have no intention of being the biggest but we have every intention of being the best. To date our largest source of obtaining new clients is through client referrals.

Q. Why do we sell Bristot coffee as opposed to stocking well known brands such as Lavazza, Grinders, Vittoria and Genovese?

With every product the cost for that product has attached to it two monetary costs to make up the cost of the product. There is the value cost (quality) of the product and the marketing cost (brand) of the product. With Bristot - although it is exported to 54 countries all over the world and is Number 1 in seven of those countries - we have found a product which price is made up of more of the value cost(quality) and less of the marketing cost (brand). We believe this coffee is “Italy’s best kept secret” .

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