New Ultra-Z PTZ

New Ultra-Z PTZ from CentreVision

By: CentreVision  07-Nov-2012

The new Ultra-Z-Ultra-Z gives you more of everything... Ultra-Z gives you more of everything...... it is faster, it is more accurate, it is easier to install and it's video Performance is better than ever! smart search Ultra-Accurate Ultra-Z high speed dome series perform an outstanding "Preset" accuracy of up to 0.05°. Making just a high speed dome camera is not hard; the challenging part is making a high speed camera along with remarkable Preset accuracy level. High Preset Accuracy Level means that once you define a preset, even after thousands of working hours, the camera will "hit the target" and never lose the Preset scene.Provision-ISR Ultra-Z high speed dome series perform at an outstanding preset accuracy level along with excellent speed performance.

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NEW 1080O Full HD SDI

HD CCTV is a digital transmission of uncompressed HD video over coax cable HD video: true 1080P or 720P HD video quality Perfect clarity with no analogue noise Uncompressed- nearly zero latency and no compression artifacts Coax cable: immune to network failure Easy Upgrade: using same infrastructure as analog system, just replace camera and DVR Familiar User Interface: for the installer/operator, no difference between CCTV and HD CCTV except for higher resolution Unified standar