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By: Tolevsky Partners  17-Mar-2015
Keywords: Accountancy Services, Business Planning, Tax Accountants

Compliance Services – Reducing your worry Every business owner requires compliance services. This includes matters such as income tax returns, GST advice and the various other matters government agencies require you to comply with. We will send you checklists of the data we require plus deadlines for receiving your data. Taxation Planning – Minimising your taxation We’ll review your financial performance after six and nine months in order to provide you with taxation planning advice before the end of the year. Action taken here will allow us to pro-actively plan for your wealth creation strategies utilising your retained after tax profits. Wealth Creation – Maximising your financial position Most business people are too busy to manage their own affairs. We review your personal net wealth annually and help you in achieving your goals for education, holidays and retirement. We can also arrange to have a management and reporting service on your investment portfolio. Risk Management – Preparing for the unexpected We’ll also help you establish a valid and current will, partners or directors agreement and arrange for the appropriate insurances so that your family and interests are adequately protected. This is reviewed annually. Management Accounting – Getting you in control of your business This is where we help you prepare budgets for cash flow and profit planning purposes. We show you how to use these to get better control over your business by using these vitally important control tools. Management Advice – Action on strategies to build profit and cash flow This is where we go beyond the budgeting process and pro-actively help you interpret your periodic reports – these reports include detailed Key Performance Indicators that apply to all of the critical areas of your business. We work with you on these monthly and totally review your operating plan every quarter. Examples are: number of customers, average sales/size, visitation frequency, conversion of phone enquiries to proposals, margins on product lines and services, hourly rates achieved and so on. Finance Management – Making money available for you We help you get the right finance at the right rates. This includes leases, bank loans and overdrafts, equity raising and venture capital. Business Development – Building your financial position by making your business more valuable When you went into business it’s likely that you had a dream for your business and your lifestyle. You may or may not have been able to realise that dream or vision, yet. The Business Development services you’ll find here are designed to make sure you do. Here we assist you with the developement of a ‘Strategic Plan’ – taking into consideration where you are now and where you want your business to be in any given time frame. Specifically, we help you discover the hidden potential within your business. Our aim is to help you make your business even more profitable and therefore, more valuable. After all, it could be your greatest asset. To do this we get involved with many ‘non accounting’ aspects of your business including team training, market positioning and customer service strategies. We have invested in special training and business development tools as well as processes that have been specifically designed to build your business.

Keywords: Accountancy Services, Asset Protection, Business Accountants, Business Planning, Chartered Accountants, Tax Accountants, Tax Services