Dreamwork, Tarot, Sandplay & Art Therapy, Meditation & "Shadows"

By: Balfort Sally Holistic Counselling  03-Mar-2011
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Sandplay Therapy uses sand and symbols to help recreate your life or issue and then observe it from a objective and conscious perspective, for the purpose of gaining personal insight.
Shadows Sally will work with the "shadows" impacting on your life to understand their spiritual purpose. Your shadow is the part of you that your ego judges as "bad" in others (and you), which if acknowledged and explored can bring greater balance to your life.
Dreams A personal message from your higher Self (directing you to an aspect of your life that needs your conscious attention) is held within the symbolism of your dreams. The potential symbolic meaning is explored for personal guidance.
Tarot Discover how the answer to your dilemma may lie within the personal or collective (Universal) unconscious of the symbolism portrayed by the Tarot cards.
Support Groups - Sally holds free Parent Support Groups once a month and regular workshops on using your role as a parent, employee and partner/spouse for spiritual growth.
The Power of Now Sally includes the principles in "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle and Carl Jung's concept of Shadows" to help you experience greater emotional stability and peace through gaining insight into your inner (unconscious /emotional) world.

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