A safety switch approach to the new year

A safety switch approach to the new year from CIDEC Pty Ltd

By: CIDEC Pty Ltd  24-Jan-2014
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Residual current devices and why they should be installed Often called safety switches, residual current device (RCD) is the original generic term that also includes various devices such as residual current circuit breaker (RCCBs) and residual current breakers with overload (RCBOs). RCDs are now established as an acceptable means of providing additional protection against electrocution and reducing some risks of fires caused by electrical faults. They do not eliminate the need for basic insulation principles to maintain separation from conductive components. Residual current breakers with overcurrent protection (RCBOs). RCBOs combine in one single device the residual current function and the over-current protection function typical of a miniature circuit breaker (MCB). RCBOs are tripped by either current leakage to earth, overloads, or short circuits, and are self protecting up to a designated maximum short-circuit current. By combining these features, an RCBO is considered an optimal device for achieving both overload protection and earth leakage detection. Read more at http://cidec.com.au/news/a-safety-switch-approach-to-the-new-year

Keywords: Mortgage Advice, Mortgage Information

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