Womens Red Tent Circle Sunday April 3rd 7 pm

Womens Red Tent Circle Sunday April 3rd 7 pm from Heartspace Connection

By: Heartspace Connection  23-Mar-2011
Keywords: Meditation, Relationships, Mentor


Is it time to share in laughter, reality and open honesty in the giving and receiving of support? 

Then join our wonderful group of like minded women and have a great refreshing night out.

Peta and I invite you to share the space of the the Red Tent Circle with women of all ages to enjoy,  and honour the essence of being a woman at any stage of life. 
Evenings are held on or close to new moon, and the theme is matched to the astrological position of the moon at that time,  the governing goddess and relevant chakra.

The Red Tent or moonlodge was a place where women would traditionally gather each month to meditate, consult oracles, experiences and channel wisdom for themselves, each other and the greater community.  These evenings are fun and soul nourishing as we share wisdom, knowledge and understanding at a time of reflection on learnings of the past lunar cycle and setting of intention for the up coming lunar cycle.

Bring along your mothers, sisters, aunts, neices and girlfriends to share their experiences, hopes, and plans.

If you feel the urge, please feel free to bring offerings to assist in the theme or supper.
Cost: $25.00 per person  or mother and teenage daughter

Location: Macclesfield

RSVP:  1st April, Reserve your cushion by phone or email:

Keywords: Meditation, Mentor, Relationships