Testimonial from clients

Testimonial from clients from Bear With Me

By: Bear With Me  27-May-2011
Keywords: Active, Doula

"Alison was a fantastic support providing information and emotional guidance without being imposing, throughout our pregnancy and labour.
She quietly, calmly and confidently allowed us to go our own way through everything, just being a constant rock when we needed her, particularly when panic started to set in just prior to the transition period!
Her gentle coaching, driving us to the hospital and support for us all was beautiful and enabled us to look back on the whole birth with much love as we had felt empowered and informed throughout.
My husband Roger and I could not have asked for a better birth thanks to Alison! While Roger was a little dubious at the start, once he realised Alison was there to support him and help him to support me, he felt in control and able to be a fantastic birthing partner!
I can think of no higher compliment to give Alison than to say I would be very happy for her to be part of baby number two when the time finally comes!
Thanks for a great job Alison:)
Carol, Roger and Matehaere - 2008"

Keywords: Active, Doula