Jingle writing, recording and producing.

Jingle writing, recording and producing. from Catchy Jingles

By: Catchy Jingles  06-Sep-2016
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We create quality mini songs in a variety of durations, delivering maximum impact by conveying vital information while appealing to a person’s instinctive fondness for a catchy tune. Here at Catchy Jingles, we love music and the way that it creates emotion, and we strive to write melodies that are easily remembered. We have a variety of singers to suit every style, a professional studio sound, and a quick turnaround to give you that winning edge sooner. We can produce anything from rock, folk and country through to full-scale pop, corporate and electronic music. We pride ourselves on originality. When you choose us, you won’t hear the same jingle recycled anywhere else. We can write your business an obligation-free demo – if you decide the jingle is not for you, we won’t ask you to pay. Find out more, hear our music or contact us at our website, catchyjingles.net

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