Hallway Fretwork

By: ACS Timber Fretwork  09-Dec-2011

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There are no standard dimensions when we craft our hallway decor. Each item is designed and meticulously cut and assembled to suit the measurements you provide. Meausrements that we need before commencment include the width of your hallway where the fretwork will be (With the paster already on - or negate plaster thickness when providing measurements.) Other measurements include requests for specific heights/drops from the ceiling. This is usually a requirement if a door or other obstruction is in the way which would otherwise hinder a normal drop, or for aesthetic reasons, where you believe a certain depth or shallowness is needed for the particular entryway.
In anycase we cater for hand drawn designs, reworks of our past designs, or replication of existing peices.
Note: Since we hand draw, and craft our items by hand, practically any request can be made concerning the manufacture of your fretwork. Therefore when choosing your favourite fretwork don't be limited too much by dimensions - In many cases fitting your favourite into the desired application is achievable, also note that material thickness and small facets like droppers can be chosen at will.
Note on Transport: Large width hallway Fretwork spanning over 2.4m a Little assembly will be required (Fretworks over a certain transportable limit will be provided in two halves in which assembly is simply putting the halves back together, the frame and droppers will not require assembly on your behalf.).

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