GEL Batteries are a standard feature on Vic Scooters products. Not an extra!

GEL Batteries are a standard feature on Vic Scooters products. Not an extra! from Vic Scooters

By: Vic Scooters  19-Jan-2011
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 All of the Vic Scootersbrand of scooter and wheelchair range come with Gel batteries as a standard feature, not an extra!

Why we use Gel batteries:
1.   Gel batteries have a longer life span and are classified as the best battery to use for electric scooters, especially if you are going to use your scooter frequently.
2.   Gel batteries are more reliable under load.
3.   Gel batteries hold a charge for a longer period and are a stronger battery.
4.   Gel batteries maintain a constant power and voltage output over the discharge cycle.
5.   Gel batteries should have a life span of approximately 4 years, if used and charged correctly.
6.   With Gel batteries in your scooter you can take it on public transport, aeroplanes and ships etc.

You must ensure that you always use the correct battery charger for your Gel batteries. This will give your Gel batteries a longer life span

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