Structural Integration (Rolfing)

Structural Integration (Rolfing) from Unity Massage & Myotherapy

By: Unity Massage & Myotherapy  25-Sep-2014
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What is Structural Integration (Rolfing)? Structural Integration (SI), also known as Rolfing and developed by Dr Ida Rolf, is a form of bodywork that reorganises the body by working with its main connective tissue, called fascia. Fascia is a continuous web-like sheath that enwraps all muscles, bones and organs in the body, hence being called connective tissue. Fascia gives shape to these muscles and more importantly to the body’s structure. The fascia may systematically shorten and tighten, or ‘stick’, giving imbalance to one’s body and this may cause stiffness, pain and a lack of energy. Things that can cause fascia to stick or adhere are: • Physical injuries or trauma such as car accident • Surgery, in particular incisions • Overuse such as poor posture, repetitive movement or activities. • Ageing process where fascia becomes more fibrous and loosens

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