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By: Seek Balance Kinesiology Melbourne  25-Aug-2014
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WHAT IS PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY? Regression, in simple terms, is the act of accessing the subconscious mind or higher self. The subconscious mind records and keeps on file all of our soul memories - it is the one part of us that is present in all of our incarnations. Our bodies come and go - they are temporary, however, our soul is eternal. HOW CAN PAST LIFE REGRESSION HELP ME?  Some memories from these past experiences can create blocks in this life. You may have a fear of drowning or water because you drowned in a past life. You may feel unable to speak in front of other people - perhaps you were ridiculed or persecuted for speaking out in a past incarnation. Many of our issues potentially originate from incidents in another life time.  ​Regression can help you to identify the source of these feelings and fears. You can also discover the reason behind some of your behaviours, character traits, relationship difficulties and unexplained physical conditions. Understanding an event which created a fear, phobia, or recurring situations, can remove the current symptoms and allow you to move forward in this life. ​ There is another important aspect to regression - some of our emotional learning (helping us in this life) comes from gaining understanding from our 'between lives' insight during a regression. This can be in regards to why we as souls have chosen to have certain difficult life experiences; e.g. choosing to drown; or to lose a child early; or why we have a distant parent. Also the understanding that the souls of people we loose that we love, we are likely to reconnect with in our other lives - even if the dynamic of the relationships may be different! Sometimes there are even karmic bonds that need to be cleared so that both souls can move forward! ​ Regression is a way to access your soul and, in turn, help you to better understand your true self and your life path. WHAT CAN I EXPECT FROM A SESSION? A past life regression session is 2 hours / your investment is $197 / and this includes: - an indepth conversation about your current life situation and what you are hoping to gain from the session - you will remove your shoes and lie face up on the massage table - kinesiology muscle techinques will be used to ensure that you are ready for the regression, this may include energetic alignment, flower essences or crystals - an initial relaxation process to help you to be present in your body and drop out of the busy mind - a short guided meditation to introduce the process of visualizing/sensing with your inner sight and answering questions about what you 'see' - guidance into and around a past life experience with the aim of fully exploring this so that you gain the benefits you need for your highest good now (generally only one life is experienced, however sometimes two or more) - time spent integrating this experience so that these benefits can be experienced, this may include between life experiences - we will finish our session and depending on what you require we will talk about the experience, how it relates to your current life situation and any specific steps you may wish to take once you leave the session Please note: you may require flower essence remedies to support your continued healing once you leave the session. These will be provided and are included in your session cost. If you have any questions or to make an appointment please contact Natasha on: 0430 287 883 For testimonials please visit:!past-life-regression/cx3

Keywords: Healing Phobias, Relationships, What is Anxiety, What is Past Life Regression, Past Life Regression Melbourne, Past Life Regression Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapists Melbou,

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