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By: rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration (retail e-v)  01-Jun-2014
Keywords: Small Business, Social Networking, Facebook

The Internet has revolutionised the world and changed how people communicate & connect. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have changed how brands conduct business, even how people interact with each other. What once occurred via word of mouth, now occurs in ‘real-time’ through social media. Social media has enabled large and small organisations to extend their reach & presence. They can even create communities for their consumers and market directly to these at extremely low cost. Social media has become the mechanism for an effective brand, product, business marketing. However, the opportunity also presents its challenges. What is the correct social media platform for our type of company / brand / service? How do we publish the right content and message to this platforms? Who monitors the audience feedback and interaction? How do we interact and respond to the audience correctly? What if something escalates, how do we then manage this? Can we use the feedback to improve our business? The interaction from Social Media platforms (good or bad) is constructive and essential to shape your company's products and service. rev™ Social Media Management & rev™ Digital Marketing is not about creating a Facebook or Twitter profile, It's about the strategy and plans behind this. Our focus is understanding who your target market is, and identify the correct channels to use for this. We help you to manage your content and ensure the right message, brand and image is promoted. We assist your team to build its community and manage the interaction using the various templates, escalation procedures via the toolkits that we provide. Finally, we help you to analyse the feedback from your communities and use this to identify the things you do great, and rectify the things that are not so great. We show you the value that Social Media has and how it integrates within your day-to-day marketing program. If your company recognises the value of social media, but is a little uncertain about how to ‘get-started’ using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or YouTube, rev™ Social Media Management can formulate a plan to encapsulate your audience as well as manage and engage. rev™ Digital Marketing can also help you to use these platforms for digital marketing. We can show you how to use Facebook advertising, Google AdWords and incorporate pixeling and remarketing into these program to achieve a total customer service experience (CSX) and visitor experience optimisation (VXO).

Keywords: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Small Business, Social Networking

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