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By: rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration (retail e-v)  11-Aug-2015
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rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration is a modular set of programs that identify, target and engage buyers who have a genuine interest or need in your offer. These programs take sales leads through a structured and controlled qualification and conversion process. Our methodology can achieve some amazing results by redirecting marketing budgets from a traditional broad-based strategy, into a set of tailored, focused and very measurable campaign. These generate quality sales leads; quality sales leads guarantee that your sales team remain motivated and productive, utilising their time more effectively with buyers who have a real purchase intent. Here is the classic example; Remember that year you spent all that marketing budget on events, website promotions, and Google AdWords? And how you received a bunch of inquiries that took you ages to process them? And do you remember EVERYONE you called took so much time to qualify and educate them on what it was you were selling? Do you also remember your sales people complaining about the time wasted on the phone, and out at onsite meetings trying to requalify these inquiries? And how they were missing genuine sales because of this distraction and wasted time? Well, the sad fact is; because they were never really “leads,” just a bunch names that we call ”noise” and rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration stops this from happening. rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration Programs; • Ensure that "real and tangible" results will be achieved from your marketing spend • We match your sales offer to a genuine "need or requirement" in the marketplace • Produce focused and tailored campaign messages that generate quality sales leads who have a genuine interest in your offer • We profile your buyers and target campaigns directly • Finally, we coach your sales team with techniques to help them qualify and convert sales leads, building a sustainable sales pipeline. Our programs are fundamentally your Go-to-Market 'essential toolbox' to define (1) What you're selling. (2) Who is the buyer. (3) How you sell it. The process buyers make their purchases changes every year. It's important to realise that the way you market and sell your product this year, won't produce the same results the next. We clean up all the dysfunctional programs surrounding business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) sales, business development, lead generation, telemarketing the list goes on. Once your rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration Program is in place, we build rev™ Marketing Engagement Programs that 'touch your buyers' and generate NEW leads, but most importantly the RIGHT leads. Stop your sales team wasting their time calling unqualified names on a purchased list. Better still, stop throwing marketing budgets out the window by conducting broad-based campaigns that have no clear or focused message. Our programs are guaranteed to challenge, and ultimately change the way you're doing business. We formulate a clear and concise programs designed to focus your team on how to create marketing and sales activities that generate responsive sales or brand opportunities AND build a sales pipeline. Our process works. We have already completed these programs with companies such as Innovit, Data Agility, Datanet to name a few. If you're looking to grow your business, I encourage you to book a business review with us. Allow us to listen to your goals and objectives, and see how we can help you to achieve them.

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