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By: rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration (retail e-v)  01-Jun-2014
Keywords: Business Coaching, Human Resources, Change Management

Companies are constantly evolving and adapting to market changes and consumer needs. Each year, buyer change their shopping habits and businesses need to change their sales and marketing strategies to meet this change. Business Process Improvement (BPI) programs recognise that people accept change differently. Smart organisations define their culture and assist their teams through this period. It's not just about training, nor about new's about sharing the journey and communications with your valuable employees and understanding that individuals all cope with change a little differently. Change Management is a methodology that assists people to understand and guides them through this period. Our company acts as an external 'mediator' looking inside your business walls to identify who is being left behind, and who may not fill the same footprints as previous employees. rev™ Business Process Improvement (BPI) and rev™ Change Management are programs we use with organisations to plan and implement change. They also are used to assist people in coping with change. They help the individual and thee surrounding teams to accept and understand why this change occurred. We provide assistance for: 1. Managing organisational culture 2. Helping team members cope with change 3. Building Change Management programs 4. Procedure design 5. Training, coaching and mentoring 6. Workflow Management 7. Documentation 8. HR Management. Who moved my cheese? This industry recognised program has been incorporated into a workshop we facilitate with companies about to go through a significant change. It’s often the very best way to kick off any organisational change and identify early how people in your team will react. Talk to us about Electronic Workflow Management software to monitor & support your teams. Retain control and visibility to core business processes.

Keywords: Business Coaching, Business Process Improvement (Bpi), Career Development, Change Management, Human Resource Management, Human Resources,

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