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By: Parker Zhang  10-Sep-2013
Keywords: Paint, Putty, Mortar

Building coating Outline:It's modified acrylic interior wall emulsion, construct conveniently, strong covering, beautiful paint film. Features: For project use, conveniently construct. Paint film flat and beautiful, best for decoration. Good levelability, easily and conveniently construct.. No harmful gases, environmental protection compliance. Strong covering, cost-efficient. Good adhesion with cement, brick and timberwork. Serviceable range: For concrete and cement mortar surface. For residence, office building, school and other big building etc. For the surface of not brushed brick wall, cement lime wall, plaster board and asbestos sheet. Construction methods: Toolspaint brush, roller, air brush Dilution: (Excessive dilute will reduce emulsion performance) Brush coating: 10% Roller coating: 10% Ordinary air brush: 10%-15% For different chalking wall, as different absorbency, please dilute by different percent of clean water Construction condition: Wall water ratio10%. Wall basicity: PH10 (Cement mortar curing time4 weeks) Temperature: 5-35 Relative humility: 85% Specification: Ingredient: Water-borne modified acrylic emulsion Color: white and other color Luster: matt Paint consumption: 12.0/L (theoretical value, dry film thickness 30 micron) Recoat time: 2hours/25, brush top-coat in 8 hours- 7 days. Drying time: 30minutes/25, surface dry Solid content: 52.03.0%vol. Proportion: 1.450.10 Package: 20kg/bucket To know more information, welcome to contact our salesman! Rapture Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Keywords: Building Coating, Emulsion, Mortar, Paint, Putty, Varnish,

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