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By: Paritech  09-Dec-2011
Keywords: Annual Reports, Investment Strategy, Bank Account

1. Transaction recording

TotalView has the ability to capture the client's daily investment data via electronic feeds once it has been approved and activated with designated service providers.  This includes;
  • ASX Data
  • Broker, Buy/Sell Trade Advise
  • Bank, Trade settlement transactions
  • Corporate actions monitoring and reporting
  • Dividend and distribution processing
  • Derivative trade and settlement

2. Client Login

TotalView offers your clients a;
  • Secure web portal online access to portfolio, audit trail and reports

3. Administration

TotalView provides an automated administration system that creates efficiency and reduces the costs in managing a client's online portfolio administration, compliance and reporting requirements. The administration system includes;
  • Client establishment
  • Mail receipting, scanning and electronic filing
  • Daily administration and recording of investment transactions
  • Monthly reconciliations of bank accounts
  • Online access to portfolio, audit trail and reports
  • Ability to download portfolio data to registered software

4. Electronic filing cabinet

TotalView offers an interactive Electronic Data/Document Warehouse facility.
  • Personalised message facility
  • Electronic filing cabinet, incorporating
  • Unallocated documents
  • Generated documents
  • Financial and Annual Reports
  • Permanent documents
  • Compliance documents
  • Legal documents
  • Investment strategy and Product Disclosure Statements
  • Financial Institution and Bank documents
  • Superannuation documents
  • Miscellaneous documents

5. Source Document Filing

TotalView has the ability to;
  • Capture the source document
  • Link the source document to the transaction
  • Provides audit trial of the transaction

6. Monthly Bank Reconciliation

Upon the set up of the bank account and being activated on the administration
system, TotalView will;
  • Capture daily bank transactions via electronic bank data feed
  • Verify the investment transaction to the bank deposit and/or payment
  • Reconcile the periodical statement
  • Capture the bank statement as a source document
  • Link the bank statement (source document) to each transaction
  • Provides audit trial of transactions

7. Reporting

  • Portfolio reporting
  • Portfolio valuation
  • Performance review

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