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 Soft Drinks Filtration Soft drink producers seek clarification of incoming streams, microbial stabilization and protection of delicate flavor components. Graver has a wealth of experience in everything from concentrate lines to bottling lines. In particular, Graver products can achieve: Particulate removal from incoming water streams Provide cyst reduction from incoming water Clarify sugar syrups and other flavorings/trap residual carbon fines Prevent microorganisms from entering storage tanks Removal of particulate and microbes from bottle rinse water Microbial stabilization of make-up water Deionization of incoming water streams

Water Filtration
Bottled water is in high demand and consumers expect good taste and purity in their purchase. Water bottlers must carefully choose the filtration products that deliver a product that consumers can trust. Graver offers the complete range of filters to accomplish particulate removal, cyst reduction, microbiological protection, and sterile gas filtration for carbonated waters. Whether your plant is in India, Brazil or Florida, Graver has a local distributor who can help you select the best filter products for your plant. Reverse osmosis (RO) filter prefiltration Removal of carbon fines downstream of carbon beds or filters Cryptosporidium and giardia cyst reduction Final filter protection Particulate removal in bottle washing operations Tank vent filters to prevent ingress of microbes such as mold and bacteria

Wine Filtration Each wine has a unique character that must be preserved. While filtration is needed to remove fermentation products and microbes that can cause spoilage, the filtration process should not alter the flavor and color characteristics that make that wine special. Graver successfully achieves this objective with a range of prefiltration and final filtration products. Filter aid /Diatomaceous earth trap filter Removal of yeast and other fermentation byproducts prior to bottling Final filters for removal of microbial contaminants that can cause spoilage Clarifying Filters to produce a clear, aesthetically pleasing final product CO2 filtration for sparkling wines Bottle Washing and utility water filtration

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