Building Licenses and Development Applications

Building Licenses and Development Applications from Melbourne Town Planning

By: Melbourne Town Planning  02-Feb-2011
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Our distinct specialty, through extensive personal and professional experience, is residential property development. To assist with your home renovation or property development enterprise, Melbourne Town Planning provide the following professional services:

  • Planning and design constraints analysis;
  • Site selection;
  • Project management;
  • Government/council liaison;
  • Stakeholder liaison and consultation;
  • Building licenses and development applications;
  • Environmental site assessment; and
  • Other specialist services.

If required, Melbourne Town Planning has an extensive network of technical specialists, whom could be engaged to serve in the success of your project. For example: flora and fauna specialists, geotechnical engineers, builders, structural engineers, lawyers and others.


1. Working with you to find the right property to purchase (if you don't already have one).

We can be there to assist you in finding a property that you develop to achieve your investment goals.

2. Meeting with the council prior to a Development Application (pre-lodgement meeting)

We can be with you to discuss a proposal with council. This gives the council an opportunity to comment on the proposal early in the approvals process, raise any potential issues and inform the you of any other professional reports that might be required (for example, contaminated land report, ecology report and geotechnical plans).

3. Manage the process from Design to development approval.

We can organise external consultant reports and comment on their compliance with the relevant legislation.

4. Written justifications

Should you disagree with a specific design code, we can prepare a written justification to council seeking council approval for an alternative design solution.

5. Making a development application

Prior to lodgement we confirm compliance to council’s codes and policies and ensure to lodge all necessary documentation.

6. Managing additional council requests

We will facilitate communication with the council to answer any further information requests and negotiate solutions.

7. Decision Notice

When a council issues a decision notice, we will review these conditions and alert you to any inconsistencies or unreasonable requests.

8. Negotiated Decision

If you are not satisfied with some conditions, we will assist you in asking the council for a negotiated decision. Specifically, we would negotiate with the council on your behalf.

9. Appeals court

If you cannot obtain an approval or could not come to a resolution with the council, we help you as an expert witness.

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