Pilates Awareness Training Leading to Pain Free Back

Pilates Awareness Training Leading to Pain Free Back from Melbourne City Pilates

By: Melbourne City Pilates  20-Jun-2014
Keywords: Pilates, Pain Management, Posture

Pilates Body Awareness training leading to freedom from back pain, better alignment and core strength. A new client came in with chronic lower back pain that had been persisting for many years. Once she learned how to relax tension in her back whilst being aware of her deep stabilising muscles she said it was the first time she could remember being pain free. We are now working on strengthening and relaxing her whole body whilst consolidating her awareness of her alignment and tension At Melbourne City Pilates we train the whole body to be strong, flexible, aligned and relaxed. We teach you how to find the best way to move for your body, how to recognise and release strain and how to train to achieve your physical goals without causing injury or burnout.

Keywords: Back Pain Relief, Pain Management, Pilates, Posture, Stress Relief