Kids Learn to Love Math

Kids Learn to Love Math from King Maths Tutor

By: King Maths Tutor  20-Apr-2016
Keywords: Math Tutor, Maths Methods Tutor Melbourne

Not many people love doing something they think they are not good at: why keep on with something when you are convinced before you start that it won't work. Unfortunately many kids believe they're no 'good' at Maths. Often, this belief stems from students being given work which is inappropriate. The reason many students struggle with math is they have nothing to pin the new knowledge onto (the "scaffolding" if you will). And because the foundation for that particular sub-topic is missing, the knowledge is not retained. With King Maths Tutoring, we provide the "scaffolding" to pin new knowledge to and very soon, students who were once struggling with math, are doing an "Oliver Twist" - please sir, "Can I please do more?" Yes, children and teenagers once they've experienced success want more. I've heard my students say "Never thought there'd come the day when I said I enjoy Maths.. but that is what I'm feeling." The key to success is to start with what students know now, then build on that foundation.

Keywords: Math Tutor, Maths Methods Tutor Melbourne

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