Victoria now has a chemical free warm air device that dehydrates and dries out head lice and eggs

By: ITCH NO MORE Melbourne's Head Lice Removal Specialists  12-Jun-2012
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Antoinette Aparo
Victorian LouseBuster Service Provider/Distributor
Itch No More® - Specialized Head Lice Treatment Service
Epping, Victoria


12 June, 2012

Victoria now has a chemical free warm air device that dehydrates and dries out head lice and their eggs with only one treatment

The thought of tiny insects crawling through a child’s hair is enough to send most parents into a state of panic.  Tackling an infestation can mean time missed from work and school, not to mention the embarrassment many parents feel.

Head lice throughout Melbourne is “ON THE RISE” as many over-the-counter treatments have built up an immunity and they are simply NOT WORKING anymore leaving families battling and at their ‘wits end’ over lice.

Lice are very difficult to get rid of and it’s something people don’t want to talk about.  People spend so much time and money trying to treat lice and will go on buying treatments, follow all the directions, do an overwhelming amount of housework and then find that in 2 to 3 weeks they have lice again.  Part of the reason for the high level of lice outbreaks is product failure and manufacturers are “booming”.  “It is not people’s fault if treatments don’t work or have the right tools and instructions to get rid of the lice”.

As parents, if our children have head lice, most of us would use a lice treatment repeatedly without a sense of how we are exposing ourselves and our children to pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals.

People in desperation for something that works, are even going to the extreme trying dangerous products such as flea sprays for pets and kerosene which are “unsafe for humans, and may affect children’s nervous systems and have dangerous side-effects that could lead to burns, respiratory problems, dizziness, vomiting or worse”.

Since 2009, Itch No More® - Specialized Head Lice Treatment Service has been in the business of killing head lice and over the past 12 months seen a dramatic rise in lice infestations in not only young children, but secondary school students and adults with many cases been so severe with open sores and hair so matted with eggs.  Most families are nearly at their ‘wits end’ by the time they visit us having dealt with missed work and other disruptions while battling the insects.  As products for head lice treatments become increasingly resistant to lice, we can only see a rise in head lice, leaving families still “scratching their heads” and also a “fact of life” for many.

In Victoria, families now have an effective alternative to eradicate lice that does not expose their children to potentially harmful pesticides or other chemicals that people have become accustomed to using.  A  “mechanical weapon” the LOUSEBUSTER device, the world’s first head lice and nit killing machine invented in the United States, which delivers a fast-moving current of heated dry air to the scalp through a series of points by rapidly dehydrating lice and their eggs in a 30 minute one-time treatment.

Throughout the world service providers are signing up, and being trained to become certified technicians of the LouseBuster.  The LouseBuster is a Class 1 medical device, TGA approved in Australia and now used in over 30 States in the United States and in 20 countries.

We introduced the LouseBuster device into our service in April 2011 where I knew I could help so many people and making a big difference treating customers with a scientifically-backed device and keeping them free from chemicals and pesticides.  To date, over 300 customers have been treated via a mobile service or through our salon in Epping with this device and am working extremely hard to get the word out to Melbourne families that there is an effective, completely natural alternative for treating head lice.

As more people learn about the safety and efficacy of the LouseBuster heat treatment, the number of people needing treatments will increase therefore, devices will be sold to non-profit organisations and lease arrangements for those that have existing head lice services.  We are also offering business opportunities with low start-up costs with exclusive territories within Melbourne-Victoria in treating head lice and no experience is necessary as training, assistance and ongoing support will be provided. “It’s by no means a glamorous job, but it’s a rewarding one”.

For further details about the service and the LouseBuster device visit our website at

Ramay - Thomastown - Treatment 27th March, 2012
"After two years of week after week battles with my daughter’s head lice and then my own and then my nieces, (well you get the drift of how one gets head lice, eventually all will) I finally, thank goodness, came across Antoinette’s Itch No More website as I was getting desperate. Before I came across Antoinette’s website, I had travelled about an hour to another salon that claimed they could help us and that they would get all the lice and eggs out of our hair, if not on the first go but definitely on the second. Not only did they not get all the lice and eggs out but I couldn’t even get in touch with this salon nor did they even try and contact me to make a second appointment. “Money down the drain”! I lost all confidence in apparently “professional” people that could help me. Then that’s when I came across Itch No More. Antoinette not only offered me a no obligation advice over the phone but stopped me from doing the most awful thing to my daughter who attends kinder in cutting off her entire hair. When I had made the appointment to get the treatment, Antoinette was very professional and she gave me every inch of detail I needed to know about head lice, how they worked and how to keep them from coming back. With only one treatment for myself with the LouseBuster and a manual treatment for my daughter as she was too young to have the LouseBuster, it has now been months and fingers crossed I have not had a problem since! I thank Antoinette and her assistant for what they have done and for not only me, but I know the many she has helped with the embarrassing yet inevitable case of nits. THANK YOU!!! Truly Antoinette I thank you so much for the treatment of myself and my daughter and the fact that you spent so long on us and didn’t even charge. I am grateful and really do hope your business blooms!! All the best”. Testimonial sent 11th May, 2012

Gary - McKninnon - Treatment 8th March, 2012
"What a GREAT service! My son got lice from school and I tried the entire over the counter products, but they did not work! A friend told me about Itch No More. I wish I had known about them before spending all of that money on treatments that not only doesn't work, but highly toxic. Antoinette was great with my son and she gave me all the information about lice and the aftercare instructions. After the treatment he is now lice free. Please call Antoinette before you do anything. You won't be sorry!" Testimonial sent 27th April, 2012

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Head lice are a health epidemic that Governments are ignoring and Medicare should help families!

Families across Melbourne are struggling financially and cannot afford professional treatments therefore; the Department of Health should consider Professional Head Lice Services under the health fund rebate either through Medicare or private health insurance to help families towards their cost of professional head lice treatments for approved medical treatments.     If Optometrists, Naturopaths, Dentists etc. can be under the health fund rebate, why can’t Professional Head