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By: Inventerest  20-Jul-2012
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Inventerest - a free place to share (& sell) inventions, ideas, problems you'd like solved, chat with fellow inventors & more! BENEFITS TO INVENTEREST MEMBERSHIP There are many benefits to becoming a member of Inventerest, here is a small list. If you'd like more information please chat with one of our team. Security - as we know this is important, please view the security page for more information. Sharing - By adding your invention/s you share (optional) them with the world. This means everyone WORLDWIDE will know YOU created the invention/idea. Selling - Wish to sell your invention/idea. Please view our selling page for more information/assistance. Problem - If you have a problem you'd like solved, or to discuss register to get assistance. Create - Is your invention/idea still on paper? Need it to get created? Members can create projects and hire professional/s to make it or contact members representing companies. Community - Membership provides you with a creative & inventive community that assist, discuss and share. We provide text/video chat, forum, reviews, ratings & much more! Business - Setting up a business, patents, copyright, licensing, sales, marketing, etc Get the right information and assistance at Inventerest!

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