What is keeping business leaders awake at night?

What is keeping business leaders awake at night? from International Business Mentors

By: International Business Mentors  19-Sep-2013
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What is keeping business leaders awake at night? Sept 2013- Some of the major current issues being raised by business leaders in meetings with our business mentors are: Economic Economic Factors are worsening slow payments, which are impacting on cash flow, and banks as a result are exerting more pressure on businesses. Retail sector is suffering due to economic uncertainly and Internet sales. Currencies are unpredictable making it difficult for business. Doing business overseas Strategy and budgets more likely to be missed due to volatility The increased volatility in demand and continuing uncertainty in many market areas has made it more difficult to forecast financial and sales performance in the short to medium term, which increases the risk of poor performance of many businesses and reduces confidence to expand and grow the businesses. Keeping up with IT Increasingly difficult with Technology to keep up with changes and trends in IT and communications is changing fast. Deepening complexity of how the various social media platforms interact and impact on business and how we best adapt and use these applications to our best advantage. The perceived risks of using the "cloud" is deterring its use particularly the risks around backing up information securely. The threat of cyber attacks and misuse of social media by staff is also a growing concern. People and Staffing Staffing Issues Increasingly need to be thought about creatively especially on how to retain talented personnel and consider initiatives such as implementing coaching, mentoring and loyalty or reward programmes. The cost of training new staff members is becoming prohibitive. Leadership Business leaders set the standards and culture for the organisation and that drives success, it is becoming critical to strengthen leadership and organisational skills. Setting organisational performance benchmarks and targets need to be reinvigorated and be re-set for changing market conditions. Business Mentors as Sounding Boards The mentees are saying that ‘its lonely at the top’, still rings true. With the experienced ear and mind of an International Business Mentor, Business Owners, CEOs, Senior Executives and Directors benefit from candid discussion in regular business mentoring sessions. These mentor meetings are on a strictly confidential basis and you cover your immediate concerns and longer term strategic imperatives that you face.

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