The Soaring of Flight

The Soaring of Flight from Heath Mays

By: Heath Mays  14-Aug-2013
Keywords: Fitness, Exercise, Personal Development

The power to change your life is within you. How many times have you woken up and realised that you want a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle? Discover the power of your dreams and use this to propel you towards a bigger and brighter future. It seems like you need a dose of reality…how many days are there left in the year? In the month? In the week? There is a whole world out there to go and enjoy. To discover. And you’ve been watching TV, cooking microwavable dinners, or on the computer ever since you’ve got home. Heath Mays is here to break the shell and get you to step outside of the box. He will transform you into a more active and healthier person by guiding you through steps the get you to… • Leave behind those excuses of the past and turn your life into a field of golden opportunities • Turn your character, skills and attitudes into those that others strive for • Find the motivation in your dream and use it to propel you • Pursue your gifts and talents within you and use them to do what you love • Gain a content lifestyle who self-motivates and is exhilarated by their own strength • Grow into an exciting and successful person • Discover the potential to do anything, and learn to persevere and work with the people around you There are no shortcuts to success.

Keywords: Dreams, Exercise, Fitness, Life Coaching, Motivation, Motivational, Personal Development, Self Development