Beat It

By: Health Sense Group  06-Aug-2015
Keywords: Weight Loss, Exercise, Diabetes

Beat it! Diabetes Exercise Program Beat it is a twice weekly group exercise and education program directed primarily at persons living with or at risk of diabetes that require education about safe and effective ways to incorporate regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Beat it runs for 12 weeks with a 3 week break in the middle (total 15 weeks). Participant numbers are limited to 6. Outcomes Ideally we are hoping to see a reduction in HbA1c, however we will also be taking several other objective measures. The success of the program will be based on achieving an improvement in the following measures: Daily physical activity (steps per day or minutes per day) Waist (cm) Weight (kg) Knowledge of diabetes specific exercise guidelines Aerobic fitness (6 minute walk test) Ability to perform ADL’s (60 second sit to stand test) The Diabetes Exercise Program The first 6 weeks will focus on: Fitness testing and Introduction to progressive resistance training Structuring an effective home exercise program Making it count: The art of incidental exercise Goal setting (and achieving) The second 6 weeks will focus on: Progressive cardiovascular exercise Safe and effective high intensity interval training Behavioural goal setting for the short and long term The 3 week break The program is designed to encourage self-management, so we use the break as a trial period to allow participants to set goals and go about achieving them. During this time participants will have full support from Health Sense Group, and we encourage active communication with other attendees to assist with motivation. Costs As this is a program and not casual classes, we require payment upfront to reserve your spot. The initial and follow up assessment will cost $80, and each class $25. Total cost: $760 for 12 week program (all sessions claimable on private health, and the initial and follow up assessments claimable on Medicare if eligible).

Keywords: Diabetes, Exercise, Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Rehabilitation, Weight Loss

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