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By: Health Sense Group  06-Aug-2015
Keywords: Back Pain, Exercise, Rehab

Back to function: A whole body approach to exercise rehabilitation for your back Back problems are common conditions Back pain is extremely prevalent in today’s society and is unfortunately something that most people will experience at some stage in their life. The Australian Bureau of Statistics National Health Survey (2011-2012) found that approximately 3 million Australians or 13.6% of the population have back problems. It is estimated that between 70-90% of people will suffer from low back pain at some point in their lives. Recurrence of back pain Following an episode of back pain, 54-90% of people will likely experience a remission episode within one year (Hoy et al, 2010). Many people who experience recurrence of back pain have developed aberrant movement patterns that continue to drive their back pain. Moving well and being strong is vital! Exercise or manual therapy? There is currently very little evidence to support the use of hands on, or manual therapy to treat back pain. Exercise is widely considered to be the best therapy and consistently achieves the best results. Manual therapy can be used to compliment a well-structured and individually-designed exercise program. Back to Function: exercise rehabilitation for back pain The Back to Function program is designed to progress people through 4 phases of rehabilitation focused on education and quality of movement. By using a 4 phase approach we have found that people know where they are with their rehabilitation and what is expected of them before they can progress. This also helps people make informed decisions about returning to recreational activities, what tasks they can tolerate at work, whether they are ready to wear high heels, or if they are can safely pick up their niece, grandchild, or daughter. By encouraging people through these 4 phases we have found that pain levels reduce as function increases, and there is less likelihood of flare ups and set-backs. There is no set time period for the program as everyone is treated as an individual and will be progressed accordingly. All exercises will be prescribed for the individual, not depending on their presenting symptoms. It will be possible for all exercises to be performed at home with minimal equipment. All patients will receive a personalised exercise program, which will be updated regularly to match their development. For those that appreciate some closer supervision, there are regular ‘Rehab Club’ classes running throughout the week at Pilates on Bourke. These classes have up to 3 people and are an ideal setting to monitor people’s progress and modify their exercises accordingly. For more information on how you or a patient can benefit from the Back to Function program, please email [email protected]

Keywords: Back Injury, Back Pain, Exercise, Exercise Physiologist, Rehab

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