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By: Freedom Bookkeeping  09-Dec-2011
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Your business is our business! We're committed to working with you to ensure your bookkeeping is up to date and tidy. We know every business is different so we provide a range of services for you to choose from and find the perfect fit!

Onsite bookkeeping

Onsite bookkeeping is an excellent option if you've organised your files and data on your own computer and have a space ready to work in.

We arrange for one of our bookkeepers to meet with you, discuss your bookkeeping needs and get to work at your earliest convenience. Minimum one day per week with six hours per visit is required.

This is an ongoing relationship between our bookkeeper and your business. This service is ultimately designed to bring your books up to date and continue keeping them in order.

Offsite bookkeeping

Get your accounts department out of your hair! Our offsite bookkeeping service is very convenient in that our bookkeepers will come to you, pick up your files, complete what needs to be done and hand it straight back to you.

If you're a busy person there's no need to arrange a time for you to stay in the office and supervise the bookkeeper or if your office space is not large enough for another person this is the option for you!

One to one | Onsite MYOB & QuickBooks training

This is a great option if the onsite/offsite services are too complicated for what you need. Simply brush up on your skills, work out a few grey areas and continue your own bookkeeping work.

We're more than happy to arrange everything for you: the trainer, textbooks, laptops and even student editions of software programs (where required). Minimum three hours of training is required but we can tailor the training specifically to your company and go through the bookkeeping software step by step!

MYOB Short Courses

Whether you have never touched MYOB or you're looking for a refresher, we can help you out!

For a quality bookkeeping service, call us now.

"We have never used a bookkeeping service before. Personally, I thought that I would spend so much time retraining anyone who came out as getting any productive work.

I was surprised and delighted at both the caliber and competence of the person I was assigned. She was productive immediately and the years of experience translated to a seamless service.

I am a convert. Happy to outsource to Freedom."

Monika Evers


Business Influence Specialist

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Keywords: Bookkeeping, Bookkeeping Service, Myob, Office Space, Offsite Bookkeeping, Software Programs