"Embarassing bodies " patient's dramatic hair regrowth

By: Dr Diana Tran  14-Dec-2013

Mr BK is a lovely 28 year old man who saw Dr Diana Tran with a 3 month history of severe hair loss affecting almost his entire scalp. He was otherwise well and was not taking any medication. Examination revealed features of severe, extensive alopecia areata of the scalp with almost 75% baldness of the vertex of the scalp. Mr BK was treated with several courses of injections, systemic medication plus topical creams. The hair gradually regrew and now Mr BK 's scalp show signs of significant hair regrowth and coverage. Dr Diana Tran was approached by the production team of "Embarassing Bodies Down-under" to become involved but declined due to conflicting work interests. However, her patient Mr BK was interviewed, filmed and his progress aired on TV recently. The episode shows Mr BK's amazing transformation from a man without much hair on his scalp to a man with now only patchy hair loss of the scalp. This improvement took 3-4 months and Mr BK is still receiving ongoing management by Dr Diana Tran