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By: Designer Brows  06-Oct-2011
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During your Designer Brow Design (designing your brows from scratch), your Brow Designer will talk with you about your brows and work out a look and shape that your facial features and style.

Once the ideal shape and style has been worked out, your Brow Designer will work her magic to create the perfect brow for you. During this process, she will use a variety of specialised skills, techniques and her unique flare to tailor your brows for you. This process can involve tweezing, threading, plucking, bleaching, tinting, trimming and brushing.

For the final stage of your treatment, your Brow Designer will show you your new Designer Brow Design creation in the mirror and then follow up with the right grooming essentials to complete your look.

*If it's been a while since your last Brow Design (see below) and your brows have become unsightly for your mirror reflection to bear any longer... then a Designer Brow Design will be just what you need!
(Allow 30 minutes).


Book in you Brow Design 3-5 weeks after you Designer Brow Design to follow up with your uniquely designed shape and style for the perfect brow, every time!
(Allow 20 minutes).


Book in for an Express Brow 2-4 weeks after your (Designer) Brow Design if you feel that your shape, look, shade and style is still perfect and you just need an express tidy.
(Allow 10 minutes).

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