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By: Denizen Sport  05-Jul-2011
Keywords: Spectator Seating, Stadium Seats

Spectator Seating from Denizen Sport is an affordable, high quality option for those clubs looking to provide seating for their supporters. The range includes everything from individual seats for deployment in large grandstand facilities to standalone, multi-row stands.

By charging a fee to use their seated area, clubs can generate significant additional revenue, with most seating options showing a payback period of less than one season. Whether it be a simple stand with three rows for 22 people or a major stadium seeking 100,000 seats, Denizen has the solution.

The provision of high quality and comfortable seating for patrons can further assist local clubs lift their professionalism and generate additional revenue.

Be it a local footy ground or a major sports’ stadium, Denizen Sport has the perfect seating solution. For the local footy ground, Denizen can provide simple multi-row stands for as few as 22 people to as many as several hundred. High quality, tailor-made individual seating is provided to meet the needs of major stadia. Denizen Sport is proud to offer high quality stadium seating in a range of flexible styles and colours. Made from high quality polypropylene, the seats are attractive, functional, strong and extremely durable. Add a logo to our patented logo panel for that touch of customisation. For sporting clubs looking for spectator seating on a slightly smaller scale, our wide range of design options are sure to meet any requirements. From a simple bench to a four-row stand, you are sure to find the solution for your club. Let us help bring added comfort to your supporters and, in turn, generate additional revenue. The following tables show the range of simple stands, telescopic stands and stadium seats provide an introduction to the seating and stand options available from Denizen Sport. Whilst pricing is shown for the simple stands, telescopic stands and stadium seating solutions are tailor-made to suit each customers needs and pricing set accordingly.

Keywords: Spectator Seating, Stadium Seats

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