Earth Essence Vibrational Sprays

Earth Essence Vibrational Sprays from Daniela Grincevicius

By: Daniela Grincevicius  10-Mar-2014
Keywords: Aura Spray, Energetic Cleanse, Energetic Spray,

Earth Essence Sprays have been created to assist us in aligning to the transformational energy of Mother Earth. We are currently moving through an evolutionary time, which is activating great shifts in our energy. Using ancient Shamanic and Earth wisdom, these sprays help ease our way and enable access to the healing energy of Earth’s Crystalline Grid. Each spray contains crystals, Shamanic and Earth essences and sacred geometry to activate and hold the vibration. Spray generously around your body or in the room to cleanse and uplift the energy.

Keywords: Aura Spray, Energetic Cleanse, Energetic Spray, Room Clearing Spray,

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