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By: Citywide Investigations  05-Mar-2012
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Dear David

I thank you so much for your help in determining the exact movements of my husband who is currently working in Melbourne while I am at our home in Singapore. I was very happy to allow you to work on my job for 9 days and to get me the hard evidence I required to challenge him.

I acknowledge how difficult I made your job initially due to not having very much information to supply you with. You did a great job following him from the airport once to landed in Melbourne and were able to locate his vehicle and residential details. Thank you so much.

Macarni – Singapore

Dear David

We would like to congratulate you on being able to assist us with a problem sales manager who was in our employ at our Melbourne office. With us being in our head office in Sydney, we were more than happy to sit back and let you conduct the investigation as you saw fit. During the 4 days that you conducted your investigation we gain invaluable information in regards to the manager leaving work on each of the 4 days and even going to the gym on 2 occasions and out with his partner on 1 of the other days. We have been able to terminate his employment and have no worries that the manager has any recourse for unfair dismissal as the evidence you obtained was of such a high standard.

Thank you again



We came to you with a very large problem with the small transport & logistic company we operate in Melbourne. The use of Citywide Investigations Alpha Team was the difference of our company literally closing its doors due to a few problem staff. A very professional job from our first phone conversation right through to the to you detailed evidence you gave in the court proceedings. You did an excellent job and as you know we have passed on your number to others. You truly are the reason we are still operating today.

Yours Truly

Andy & Rebecca

Dear Citywide Investigations,

We are writing to you to express our thanks for assisting our local laws officers with a previous on-going issue that we were unable to solve without your assistance. Your ability to obtain the video evidence of an individual that has on numerous occasions dumped a variety of refuse at one of the town’s major landmarks.

Also with your ability to conduct mobile surveillance to ascertain the offender’s address and other particulars, made it very easy for our local laws officers to question the offender and ultimately to bring him to justice.

Thank you again for all your assistance in this matter.

Local Laws Department – City of XXXXXX

Dear David

I am writing to you to express our many thanks for your exceptional results with the surveillance conducted on one of our ex-employees. As you are aware the criminal damaged caused by this individual in excess of $100,000 and your ability to not only obtain the required evidence on this person, but also your quick thinking to make a Finds Committing Arrest and finally bring this individual before the courts.

If there is ever a need for our company to use an investigations company in the future, rest assured we will be contacting you for your assistance.

Yours truly,

Investigations Department – (Company withheld to legal proceedings)

Dear David

We thank you for being able to provide our large company with very important information and assistance which lead to yourself working on our company problem within just a few hours after we initially called another company who could not assist us. This quick response meant that our issue was resolved quickly which limited our risk and exposure to massive theft, but you also provided us with a very cost effective resolution which we didn’t expect. Your at the top of our list for any future work, which there will definitely be more of.


Martin & Lisa

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