Kinesiology from Chi Kinesiology

By: Chi Kinesiology  10-Nov-2010
Keywords: Back Pain, Health Supplements, Natural Health

Kinesiology works on the premise that our body has an innate healing ability and is already aware of what it needs to be healthy.

Kinesiology uses muscle feedback (muscle testing) as a stress monitor to find imbalances in the body's systems. By correcting these imbalances, we can reactivate the body's built in healing ability and identify the external factors effecting our happiness, health and wellbeing.

Kinesiology is a powerful modality that educates the client about their own individual health and wellbeing needs, while encouraging them to take responsibility in realising and achieving their own potential for success, health and  happiness.

Kinesiology works with goals. We don’t focus on illness- instead we concentrate on wellness. Clients and practitioners work together to find out how you would like to be feeling/performing/functioning, and then locate and clear the blockages that stand in the way of you achieving these goals.

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