Calyptech :: Project Management

By: Calyptech  09-Dec-2011
Keywords: Human Resources, Product Delivery, Management Information System

With a wealth of experience in bringing projects to successful outcomes, Calyptech can manage all facets of your project from Concept to Product Delivery. Within our quality assurance frame work, we have the expertise to lead or assist in all phases of the project development.

Concept Validation

  • Establish scope, assumptions, constraints and limiting values
  • Determine project objectives, and performance measures
  • Determine result milestones and initial time estimates
  • Perform risk analysis, and calculate initial cost estimates
  • Prepare communications plan, and produce project definition report

Project Definition

  • Perform time analysis, resource analysis, and cost analysis
  • Prepare quality plan, human resources plan, procurement plan and communication plan
  • Integrate project plan baseline
  • Determine control mechanisms, project management information system (PMIS), and key performance indicators (KPI)

Project Execution

  • Establish monitoring, control systems, and project infrastructure
  • Monitor and evaluate project performance and progress
  • Produce progress status and performance reports
  • Apply control feedback and problem solving

Product Delivery

  • Deliverable Verification
  • Client Acceptance
  • Performance Criteria Review

Keywords: Human Resources, Management Information System, Product Delivery

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Calyptech :: Overview - product services

Supported by a strong team-orientated culture, an empowering and inclusive management style, an embedded quality focus and rigorous quality processes, Calyptech will deliver your projects on-time and on budget. By leveraging our extensive Intellectual Property portfolio we can springboard your projects onto an accelerated development path, so you get to market faster, with the least possible risk.


Calyptech :: Regulatory

Calyptech can provide regulatory compliance services to manufacturers and suppliers of electrical and electronic equipment to guide new and modified products through the regulatory compliance testing and approvals processes. Training in the processes and requirements involved in obtaining product compliance approvals.


Calyptech :: Commercialisation

These applications are then scoped with thorough market research and analysis and the proposed solution is finally validated with strategic target customers to establish commercial viability. We have developed rigorous commercialisation methodologies and business processes based on years of experience in identifying customer needs and delivering successful technology solutions.


Calyptech :: Technology Evaluation

Calyptech can develop technology prototypes to verify the technology in the actual problem domain, or use them as a means to gather key performance metrics. This reflects our ability to wholly understand a new technology, identify key areas of technical risk and assess design and implementation alternatives. In some cases, to mitigate technical risk, early technology prototypes are useful as a basic proof of technical viability.


Calyptech :: Overview - products overview

Calyptech's broad technical capability includes extensive knowledge and intellectual capacity in digital signal processing techniques, chip design, PCB board level hardware design, embedded software design and system software level design. The systems represents a classic example where legacy equipment needed to be connected to new network elements which may not have the correct interface format.