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DIY Conveyancing Kit Victoria from Australian Property Law Kits thumbnail

DIY Conveyancing Kit Victoria

All you need to know to buy or sell your property without a solicitor

D.I.Y. Refinancing Kit from Australian Property Law Kits thumbnail

D.I.Y. Refinancing Kit

Easiest D.I.Y. Refinancing Kit


Do it youself Conveyancing Kits

Simple, Step-by-Step, no fuss method. Safe, because the Kit's Step-by-Step method ensures that you do each step in sequence. Legal, for you to "act for yourself".

Conveyancing Kits from Australian Property Law Kits thumbnail

Conveyancing Kits

Conveyancing Kits for buying or selling property in Victoria. Simple- Safe-Legal Step by Step Booklet 6 months Free telephone support


Do It Youself Conveyancing Kits

By doing your own conveyancing you actually have seen and inspected the property you are buying. Already you are ahead, because if you had employed a solicitor he is unlikely to have seen it and has no magic wand to make everything 'OK' as he would have you believe.