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By: Australian Family Lawyers  20-May-2016
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SAME-SEX AND DE FACTO COUPLES Same-sex & de facto couples can now enjoy virtually the same rights as married couples under the Family Law Act in relation to property & children's matters. Our lawyers are experienced in this area. INTERVENTION ORDERS Family violence is an ever increasing area of concern. Our experienced lawyers can provide the legal and emotional support to assist you apply for or defend an Intervention Order. CHILD SUPPORT Understanding your legal rights regarding how much child support you should receive or pay can be confusing. We can help you navigate the child support minefield and advise you of your rights. MEDIATION Our accredited mediator can help you and your spouse mediate to resolve children or property issues following separation, without the need to go to Court. SPOUSAL MAINTENANCE We provide legal advice in relation to applying for and defending spousal maintenance applications. Spousal maintenance can help support you and your children. CHILDREN’S MATTERS We can assist with resolving children's matters including parenting orders, parenting plans, re-location issues, and who children should live with and how much time they spend with each parent. PROPERTY SETTLEMENT We have the expertise to help you resolve property matters following separation, including advice as to your entitlements, negotiating a just and equitable settlement, or litigating if necessary. DIVORCE & SEPARATION By seeking legal advice early, even prior to separation, can minimize the risk of making decisions that may adversely impact your legal position. Applying for divorce and the legal effect of divorce.

Keywords: Family Law Lawyer, Family Lawyers