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By: ATS Australian Educational Group Pty Ltd.  26-May-2014
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This VCE Study Score App is very EASY to use yet was highly COMPLEX and INTRICATE to create. It is a very sophisticated App indeed. If you are studying a Year 12 subject - you will need to have this App. The Study Score Calculator is a GENUINE and LEGITIMATE Study Score predictor for Year 12 students and teachers based on REAL past Year 12 students data and results. The Study Score Calculator DOES take into account VCE subject weightings and has a complex and sophisticated Multipart Mathematical Algorithm in its "back end" (using 100's of thousands of data values) to generate a close prediction of your actual RAW Study Score. Its' calculations are driven by Multipart Complex Mathematical Algorithms that are assigned to "look up" 100's of thousands of different data values and ranges according to the input (TAKING INTO ACCOUNT SUBJECT WEIGHTINGS), to drive your study score prediction. Think of it as a Vital Essential Educational Tool that assists the user to get the Study Score they require. This Study Score Calculator is NOT a TOY: it is the REAL deal. Make no mistake: this is a REAL bona fide Study Score Calculator devised and created by Senior Mathematical Teachers and lecturers who understand the AUTHENTIC Study Score Calculation. This App will give you a Study Score as close the your actual Study Score like never before. It is one of a kind! IT'S VERY EXCITING INDEED. A MUST FOR ANY STUDENT STUDYING A YEAR 12 SUBJECT AND A MUST FOR TEACHERS. IT TAKES THE GUESS WORK OUT OF OUR STUDENT RANKING! For Students: The Study Score Calculator is a “ONE OF A KIND” App that you cannot live without. This unique App allows you to search for ALL subjects you study at Year 12 – it has over 80 listed VCE subjects including English, ESL, Literature, English Language, Maths: including Methods, Specialist and Further, as well as, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ALL Business Subjects, Accounting, Physical Education, Arts, Visual Communication, Humanities, Politics as well as ALL languages including Arabic, Hebrew and Latin. This App also covers Systems, Media and Religious Studies to name but a few. The App is very user friendly. You simply input your known Graded Assessments (SACs) to get an accurate prediction of the Study Score you can expect for that subject. It allows the user to predict their exam result or know what result they require to get a specified Study Score. It is as good as it sounds. Alternatively, the user can also input assessment grades required for a particular Study Score, therefore working with the knowledge required to achieve those grades throughout the year. No more asking teachers to guess what your Study Score might be – this App takes the guess work out of the equation. It is an exceptional App that will help you throughout your final year of study to get the ATAR you require. For Teachers: Our Study Score App will also aid teachers to RANK students within their school. The ranking process is difficult without the Study Score App as some guess work is implicated; however, as the Study Score App is based on REAL Data it is very accurate in determining the Study Score of students and therefore the RANKING once the Graded Assessments are finalised. Teachers are aware that the final ranking of students is so important, for a school to get accurate, to ensure their students are not downgraded.

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