Psychic/Mediumship/Vehicle Psychic/Psychic Artist/Healer/Teacher

Psychic/Mediumship/Vehicle Psychic/Psychic Artist/Healer/Teacher from Archtic Moon

By: Archtic Moon  15-Nov-2012
Keywords: Art, Property, House

I provide many different types of psychic readings. Readings can be for people or animals (both living and passed), plants, homes and property (land and dwellings), belongings and objects. I provide psychic readings in four main ways, briefly described as follows - CLAIRVOYANCE - where I use my third eye in connection with my guides and guardian angels where they also provide visual aids in the delivery of the message. CLAIRAUDIENCE - where I connect with my guides and guardian angels through hearing. CLAIRSENTIENCE - where I feel and am sensitive with the presences of energy and energies in my readings. CLAIRSCENTIENCE - scent with a 'c') where I use my remaining senses such as taste and smell. This is where the guides and guardian angels provide the messages through taste or smell. The readings are expressed through spoken word and if producing a psychic art reading, visual representation. With my guides and guardian angels, I can connect with the energy of for example, you, your home, your car, your pet or plant and if requested, provide you with a psychic art picture for that request, from the guides and guardian angels. Tools I may use within readings include, for example, Tarot cards or crystals, to provide you with a message. Objects such as jewellery and photographs may also be used for readings. Depending on the method of delivery and the details of your request, the way in which the reading is conducted varies accordingly. The Benefits of Psychic Readings Psychic readings can greatly benefit you in understanding or resolving various areas of both your present and future life including for example, employment, education, sporting skills development, family, relationships, your purchase choices, mechanics and maintenance of your vehicles and your home. Types of Psychic Readings Readings apply to four main groups of recipients - people, animals, plants and objects. Some types of readings relate to all of these groups, e.g. aura readings and some are more specifically for people or animals, e.g. dream readings. Many types relate to each other. The things that determine a type of reading include: who/what it's for (e.g. a person or a house) the 'format' used (e.g. chakra, dream or psychic art) and the tools that may be used (e.g. Tarot or crystals).

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Other products and services from Archtic Moon

Vehicle Psychic from Archtic Moon thumbnail

Vehicle Psychic

Vehicles are just like us, in that we are all souls inside bodies. The energetic vibration or psychic footprint of your vehicle is it's soul. Each of us has a connection to spirit. As such, vehicles also demonstrate their state of being and can be read.I am able to provide you with a reading about the energetic history and the vibration of the structure itself. There are several levels to the messages that come through in a vehicle reading; from the physical to the spiritual elements.

Psychic Angelic Healing from Archtic Moon thumbnail

Psychic Angelic Healing

As part of my services, I provide healings. These can be carried out remotely or in person. I will be where you are (whether physically or not) at the place and for the length of time requested by you.This technique is where Archangel Raphael comes through and provides the reading. Generally I would use Reiki and a technique that comes through which I call Archtic Healing.
You may request a healing for your chakra or aura.

Psychic Art/Chakra/Aura Art reading from Archtic Moon thumbnail

Psychic Art/Chakra/Aura Art reading

A psychic art picture is in essence a picture of your energetic vibration or of an object at that time. The picture contains a message and using pastel as the medium, a picture of the vibration or your object will come through. The picture demonstrates what is around you at the time. A psychic art picture is only limited to the object you request which means you can request a psychic art picture for anything.

Psychic Development from Archtic Moon thumbnail

Psychic Development

Archtic Moon teaches a philosophy that requires you to learn about psychic protection, psychic boundaries, vibration and frequency. The main goal is to help you develop the connection between you and your guides & guardian angels to provide messages of healings to people who may come to you for assistance and psychic services. Archtic Moon is about helping you develop what you have and identifying the other areas you can work with to increase your skills or 'gifts' base to service others.