A couple points to check before calling a technician to repair your opener that could save you some

By: AGG DOORS  13-Apr-2011
Keywords: Automatic Gates, Door Operating Devices, Automatic Doors

1. Check to see that the Garage Door or Gate opener has not been unplugged from the power point (GPO) or been switched off, if it is, plugged in and switch it on and if the opener is still not working check the power point is live, a simple way to check if there is no power, is to plug a known working appliance into the power point and see if it works, if it doesn't go to the next check point.

2. Check the Power Point (GPO) supply has not been cut off at the main switch board, the fuse may have blown or the breaker may have tripped,  simply check that it is in the on position if unsure fee free to give us a call on 03 9799 1999. 

if you have followed these to check points and are still experiencing a problem please give us a call.

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