Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine from Sacred Essence

By: Sacred Essence  06-May-2011
Keywords: Natural Therapies, Mind Body and Spirit

Your body is surrounded by a field of light we call the Luminous Energy Field.

Trauma, stress and anxiety can create a dysfunctional pattern into your energy field that leads to pain, illness and disease.

Energy healing is the removal of the dysfunctional pattern in your Energy Field.

After just one energetic healing session clients report immediate feelings of change, improvement, lightness, centeredness and relaxation. The energetic healing continues for sometime afterwards, as the new healing energy integrates and toxic energy is released.

Keywords: Mind Body and Spirit, Natural Therapies

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Essences are ‘self-regulating’, which means they work gently with you and will regulate themselves based on where you are at and what you need. They are safe for everyone to take regardless of age or condition.

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Essential Oil Blends

Whether you resonate to their name, description, individual essential oils or their aroma, the Sacred Essence range of essential oil blends are more than just something that smells great. They carry ancient wisdom within each essential oil bottle which work on all levels.

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Sacred Essence range of essential oils are 100% oils, steam distilled and sourced from high quality places from around the world.

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Sacred Essence perfume is heaven scent. What we mean is the beautiful scents have been sent from heaven. They carry

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Aromatherapy Sprays

We have combined the beautiful smells of 100% pure essential oils with the ancient healing essences of the Australian Bush to make our Aromatherapy Sprays. Use them daily around your home or place of work. Spray them around your energy field and allow the essence of the flowers to go to work shifting your vibration.