"Thorn" wins 1st prize at Melborne International Flower and Garden Show

"Thorn" wins 1st prize at Melborne International Flower and Garden Show from STONE SCULPTURE STUDIO

Keywords: Gardens, Stone, Marble

Title: Thorn
Material: Chillagoe marble, metal & granite base.
Dimensions: T.B.A Weight: 200kg
Edition: 1/1
What inspired this sculpture:  "Thorn" was born from the Earth in Chillagoe, Queensland, from a rather unusual looking marble boulder which took the shape of a thorn. Thousands of years of water passing over this marble boulder have sculpted it into what looked human-made. Hence, Thorn was carved to look back up into the sky from where its original sculptor came - rain. 

Richard Kloester  was awarded 1st prize for Thorn at the 2010 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show   and caught the attention of "Better Homes and Gardens"  on TV. Thorn was also a finalist at the Tesselaar Sculpture Exhibition, at the Tulip festival near Melbourne.

"I never tire of looking at this it is so magnificent - just looking at that face and those eyes - eyes which are soulful with a hint of sadness in them. As if they have seen too much.The lines around the mouth and the lips themselves look as though they have known pain and suffering". - Melbourne Daily Photo

Price: Price on application

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