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By: Kelly Cycle Coaching  23-Nov-2011

  • Independent leg analysis of power output during your lactate/power/heartrate testing
  • Ability to trial bike seats to find a seat that works for you

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Junior Race Day Tips | Kelly Cycle Coaching

If you are racing for 1-2.5hrs and you only have what you ate for breakfast in your stomach, you will most likely get what we call ‘food flat”. If you have to travel to the race and eat breakfast really early, remember to pack some “pre race snacks” to eat closer to your race start. Eat something easy to digest about 30-40mins before you race (so just before you start your warm up).


Personalised Coaching | Kelly Cycle Coaching

You will also receive a complimentary pair of Kelly Cycle Coaching cycling socks at this meeting, as well as information about bike equipment chooses, nutrition, racing tactics, etc. Option 1 – individual programYou will receive a personalised monthly training program and are able to communicate with the coaches by phone, skype, email, in person as required.


Testing | Kelly Cycle Coaching

Do you want to use your heart rate monitor more scientifically so you can see how much time is spent riding in each training zone?Do you think you’re always training too hard, or maybe most of your training lacks specific intensity. The answer is to get scientifically tested so when you train with a heart rate monitor, you will know what your training zones are, and if you are riding in the correct training zone.


Race Support | Kelly Cycle Coaching

We also attend and support our athletes at most track events held in Melbourne, including Metro and Country Track Championships, Junior/Senior State Track Championships and other track events throughout the summer. For all of our coached athletes, we provide full professional race support for all junior selection road races, as well as many senior races in Victoria.