Mylar, Polyester Film

Mylar, Polyester Film from Vic Plastics

By: Vic Plastics  17-Sep-2015
Keywords: Electrical Insulation, Mylar, Polyeser

Vic Plastics is one of the major Archival quality film stockist and suppliers in Australia. Our Mylar clear film has been tested to P.A.T standards (Photographic Activity Test) as required under the International Standards Organisation (ISO), standards for Archival quality. Features and Benefits Archival Quality Excellent insulating characteristics Free of plasticisers Non-yellowing Lay flat Colour consistent Resists moisture and chemicals Dimensionally stable Heat resistance (-100of to 300oF) Electrical resistance Good clarity Balance tensile properties Polyester film of Vic plastics has an excellent balance of properties which cannot be found in other films such as mechanical strength, electrical properties, high & low temperature resistance and chemical resistance. Polyester film is useful for applications such as Archival, office supplies, graphic and imaging, protective glazing, safety film, membrane switches, report covers, decorating for laminates etc. We are one of the leading suppliers of high quality metallised Reflective Mylar Film in Australia. Our metallised Mylar film has a shiny reflective side similar to Aluminium foil, however, unlike aluminium foil, Mylar does not tear easily. The Metalized Reflective Mylar film is made with 98% reflectivity to ensure that the greenhouses and grow rooms get enough light to the growing space. Light often lost in corners but reflective Mylar helps to reflect it back to the plants and helps its growth.

Keywords: Clear Polyester, Electrical Insulation, Mylar, Polyeser, Reflective Mylar, White Polyester,