Chiropractic Adjustments

By: BackBone Wellness Chiropractic  23-Jun-2012
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After a thorough examination, a chiropractor adds energy to your spine at an opportune time and place to help your body “right” itself. Think of a chiropractic adjustment as a gentle “nudge” to help restore better movement to the spine.

While the word chiropractic comes from the Greek meaning “done by hand,” there are many ways to adjust the spine.

Whether done with actual hands, various types of handheld instruments, blocks that harness the effect of gravity or by other means, a chiropractic adjustment is distinguished by the chiropractor’s intention.

It surprises many to learn that the intent of chiropractic adjustments is NOT to treat a disease, reduce pain or any other symptom. Granted, that’s a frequent result, but that’s not the purpose of chiropractic adjustments! Instead, the intent of chiropractic adjustments is to help revive your spine’s ability to function more normally.

Helping your spine and nervous system to function to the best of its ability is the century-old basis of chiropractic.

What do chiropractic adjustments feel like? Usually quite pleasant. Often patients mention that not only do they move better, but that they feel more “connected” and report a pleasant sense of ease and well-being. That’s important. Because repeated visits are often necessary.

Everyone is different, which is why we treat your body with the style of adjustment that helps you... whether that involves the hands-on/manual, or the low-force approach, all depends on what the body requires and what your presenting condition happens to be. This is the main reason the chiropractor will run through a thorough examination of your body before we proceed to do anything.

Keywords: Chiropractic, Chiropractor, Corrective Care, Preventative Care,

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