SkyHigh - Certificate IV in Avaition for VET/VCE

By: All Axis Aviation  05-Jun-2013
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Skythrills is proud to be one of few flying schools in Victoria to offer what we call our “SkyHigh” Course to students in Years 11-12 from any High School in Victoria. Students will have set study and reading to complete in combination with attending classroom time classtime each week. The remainder of the required hours are done during flying lessons outside of school hours. If a student chooses Aviation as an elective VET/VCE subject, it may* also contribute towards their end of year 12 score, by an additional 10%. Students will spend the first year understanding the theory of the flight whilst undergoing flight training toward their solo flight. During first year students will complete the BAK exam and begin 6 of the Cert IV units. In their second year, students will continue learning the theory of flight whilst potentially completing flight training to achieve a General Flight Progress Test (GFPT) or PPL. During second year they will sit the PPL CASA cyber exam. The theory training is a crucial part of their hands on flight training and will prepare each student to continue their Commercial Licence Training after year 12, if they so desire. We like to encourage students to challenge themselves and excel in subjects that have been found to support aviation related Career paths such as Physics, Engineering, English, Mathematical Methods or Advanced Maths, as well as similar mechanical based subjects that may be available in conjunction with their flight training. As this training is towards a professional qualification students are treated as adults and encouraged to take responsibility for their aircraft, lesson bookings and communication with their instructors and homework. We also encourage students to get a part time job to help pay for the flying lessons, which helps to prepare the students for life outside of school and integrating into the industry after graduation. Skills and competencies are recognised nationally. As this is a partial Certificate IV completion, students are also eligible for GST free flight training as part of the 150 hour Commercial Pilots Course. * It needs to be clearly understood by the student that each unit and skill is competency based and as such, electing this course does not guarantee that they will be approved to achieve their first solo whilst completing our program, nor that they will be guaranteed VET block credit towards their VCE simply by attendance.

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